The writing journey has hills and valleys, speed bumps and traffic jams, and there are times any author could use a guide/traveling companion to help navigate the terrain or make an extra push. 

If you are at a point in your writing journey where you think you might need an an experienced editor to brainstorm with you; provide straightforward, knowledgable feedback on your story; or edit your manuscript...


Manuscript Review

Manuscript reviews are where I see myself having the most potential for impact with authors. One of the most helpful types of feedback an author can receive from an editor or agent is a detailed explanation of what is working and not working in their submitted manuscript. But editors and agents usually don't have the time to give extensive feedback to authors who don't fit their current publishing or agenting needs. That's where I come in! 

Editing (Authors and Publishers)

If you intend to self publish your book or are a publisher, I have years of experience with the first/substantive edit. I am detail-oriented and have a strong sense of story and characterization. I also have experience in copy editing and proofreading, but the substantive edit is my focus and highest level of expertise. If you believe your story is ready for a focused, comprehensive edit before you self-publish, or if you are a publisher who needs a freelance editor for a publishing project, I might be the right editor to meet that need.

Author Coaching


Sometimes what you need to move to the next mile marker in your writing journey doesn't fit into a neat category. Maybe you would like feedback on a story idea or could use a partner to brainstorm your story's plot or character development. Or maybe you are just plain struggling with writer's block. I am passionate about understanding your goals and vision for your writing career and helping you get to the next step, whatever that may be.

“Karen and I have written nine books together, and I'm so grateful for her expertise and encouragement along the way. She made these novels much better than they would have been if left to my own devices.”

Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of A Note Yet Unsung


I've worked with many authors whose books have won national awards (as well as many more finalists):

Christy Award (numerous)
Minnesota Book Award (2015)
RITA Award (2007, 2016)
ECPA Christian Book Award (2010)
ACFW Carol Award (Numerous)
Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award (2011)