But in addition to that, my background, interests, and values are part of what influences how I work with people, so if you are curious...


  • I'm Minnesota born and raised (with a few detours in my grade- and middle-school years). Love its springs, summers, and falls. Winters? Not so much.
  • Eldest of five siblingstwo brothers and two sisters.
  • Graduated from Bethel University (College, at the time) in St. Paul, MN.
  • Wanted to be a marine biologist during my growing-up years, but my inability to "get" organic chemistry in my first semester of college torched that dreambesides that, I have a bit of a fear of deep water and what lurks there.
  • The Myers-Briggs assessment has declared me an ISTJ (though in later years I have drifted toward INTJ).
  • I married for the first time at age thirty-nine to the most wonderful man I have ever met.
  • My husband, Jeff, passed away in 2015 after a 4 1/2 year battle with cancer.
  • I am fully of Scandinavian heritage (Swede and Finn)though I've never taken one of the DNA genealogy tests, so who knows?!
  • Only worked for three companies/organizations since collegethe last eighteen years at Bethany House Publishers (owned by Baker Publishing Group since 2003).
  • Not an avid music fan, but my favorite genre is Countrythe heartwarming, storytelling kind, not the rowdy stuffunless it is Wynonna.
  • Favorite TV show: Fixer Upper (Chip and Joanna are just the cutest). And of the rest...maybe This is Us. 
  • Favorite treat: Jeni's ice cream—Brambleberry Crisp or Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Yum!
  • I enjoy an uplifting romance in a story as much as most, but nothing speaks more to me in a story than broken, damaged relationships rebuilt and redeemedespecially those of family.

My Joys

A Faithful God and Savior

I came to know and love God at an early age under the example of my parents. I accepted Christ's death on the cross for my redemption at about age nine and have made various steps in that relationship along the waysometimes up and sometimes down. I am not a perfect personbut I am redeemed. 

The best thing, for me, about fiction that reflects God's love and mercy and that depicts characters rebuilding broken relationships and finding godly love, is that is that those stories have the potential to draw readers to Him and to encourage Christians to live more wholely and fully. Getting to be a part of an author's creation of such stories feeds my soul.


The Gift of Family 

I married fairly late in life and acquired two amazing stepchildren in the bargain. They are now adults with families of their own, and I rejoice daily that even after their father's passing in 2015, they are an integral part of my life, and I'm blessed to be able to spend awesome, joy-filled time with three dear granddaughters and a grandson.

My parents, four siblings and spouses, and most of my nieces and nephews all live within forty-five minutes of one another in the Twin Cities areanot a common occurrence these days, and a blessing for which I am thankful.

Hobbies and Interests

Though I am an introvert, I also enjoy meeting and socializing with peopleespecially if we are working on a project, baking and eating...or playing games!  I read, of course, but also enjoy watching TV a bit too much. I like certain types of movies, but rarely watch them other than on DVD or streaming, years after they first came out.

I have always enjoyed travel, and one of my goals is to find ways to journey without my husband's companionship. I have taken some trips with family since his passing, but my first trip that was a bit more solo was a September 2017 tour to Britain, hosted by one of the authors I editJulie Klassen. Delightful!

I also love taking photographspeople, places, things...

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